Rivera Venus Recording demo with Tim Pierce

From - "The Venus Recording is your all-tube analog mega tone machine.  With 2 channels, Treble "Bright" and Middle "Notch" switches, Voicing switch, Built in 11 band Rockrec EQ and a pre and power amp channel assignable effects loop, you'll be able to dial in any tone you can dream of Directly into your DAW or a mixing console.  No need to mic a Cab again!  However, there's 25watts of luscious 6V6 power, which is plenty to push your favorite cabinet on stage when you need.  Also, features a Foot-switchable lead boost, balanced and unbalanced outputs, an Aux input and a Headphone output for late night silent jams.  At 18lbs, touring musicians can carry this compact tone monster for any quick fly dates with ease."

Check out this recording demo: